Calligraphy health has at its foundation a set of principles, or philosophies, which revolve around longevity, happiness, calm and deep peacefulness. This is done by setting up three main circulations in the body.

The Yang Mian System is a unique internal martial arts system that develops explosive, internal energy through natural human movements. These movements are then expressed, combatively, in a living, three-dimensional way.

Flowing Principles are power and reflex link professionals. We specialize in developing explosive power, speed, power transfer and mind-body reflex link within each individual athlete, to enhance their sporting performance.

Retreat, workshops, intensiv courses, training camps
and many more.
We also come near you? just ask us!

Online lessons

After much deliberation and high demand, we now agree to this offer, provided that at least a certain amount of experience exists. Everything below would not make much sense.


Newcomers without experience are advised to start with a certified teacher before starting online lessons to acquire a good base.

And participation in direct lessons / workshop ect. with certified staff is highly recommended for your development.


So there is also the direct transfer of teachers and students that you can not easily reach via online lessons or video / DVD and books.

We ask you to respect this because we want to stick to the quality of the family system and communicate it to you.


We are at your service in the center of Europe, in Slovakia. There you have the opportunity to participate in preparatory courses, workshops, seminars, retreats, personal training and module training.


Even students and teachers from all over Europe come to us to deepen their skills and knowledge and to expand their activities.



For more information contact us:


+49176 8950 2981


Best regards,

your Flowing Principles Team




Christian and Zuzana are very skilled and kind hearted teachers, both of them have walked the path of flowing principles with dedication for a long time and they know how to communicate all these ideas with love and passion. Very grateful to know these souls! They are without a doubt exceptional ambassadors of Master Zhen Hua Yang's Calligraphy Health System. Highly recommended!


Calligraphy Health & Yoga Teacher




Ein geniales System aus Kampfkunst und Qi Gong/Energiearbeit und zwei super Trainer (Christian und Zuzana), die alles wunderbar und verständlich erklären.

Ich bin froh, dass ich bei Flowing Principles lernen darf.



Patricia Walter





Dieses System überzeugt neben dem tiefgreifendem Erfahrungsschatz, durch Effizienz und einer erfahrbaren Energiearbeit. 
Gesundheit und Kampfkunst sind hier wie zwei Seiten der gleichen Medaille.
Was mir jedoch das Wichtigste war sind die authentischen und herzlichen Lehrer. Hier fühlt man sich schnell Zuhause.
Danke Christian und Zuzana.


Marco Geißmann
WildFit Coach






+421 907 722 648 (Zuzana Mitošinková)

+49 1768 950 2981 (Christian Kunz)


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