Flowing Principles

- A moving meditation with internal skills for your further development -

Nei Gong & Martial Art System


With the flowing principles to more happiness, health and balance in your life.

By learning and deepening the principles, we find our way back to our true essence, reconnect with it and draw strength and further knowledge from it. 

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I have known Christian for some time now and I can say that he is truly an expert in his field. Not only can he convey his teachings, but more importantly, he embodies it in and out of class. This is important when seeking an instructor who professes to be able to improve one’s physical and mental health, as you cannot take someone somewhere you haven’t been yourself. To that end, I can highly recommend Christian (and Zuzana) to guide one to a better state of well-being. You will enjoy the journey!

Vik Hothi
Owner/Senior Chief Instructor IMAS Martial Arts and Fitness

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Calligraphy Health

Nei Gong - Breathing - 3D Movements - More Energy - Therapy

Calligraphy health has at its foundation a set of principles, or philosophies, which revolve around longevity, happiness, calm and deep peacefulness.
This is done by setting up three main circulations in the body.

Yang Mian

3D Fajin Power -4D Martial Art System - Body Conditioning

...can be integrated into any martial arts...

The Yang Mian System is a unique internal martial arts system that develops explosive, internal energy through natural human movements. These movements are then expressed, combatively, in a living, three-dimensional way.

Sport & Fitness

increase performance - special education for trainer 

Flowing Principles are power and reflex link professionals.
We specialize in developing explosive power, speed, power transfer and mind-body reflex link within each individual athlete, to enhance their sporting performance.

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