Base Power

Base Power in Flowing Principles


Welcome to the heart of the Yang Mian Family System, where Base Power forms the cornerstone of mastery.


Within this foundation lies the natural application of "Inner Energy," which profoundly enhances both health and martial prowess. Through specialized explosive internal power, practitioners unlock their true potential.


The Impact of Base Power Training:

Developing Base Power requires continuous training, typically taking between three to twelve months, depending on the individual. Once cultivated, the possibilities for specialization within the family system become boundless. Base Power remains steadfast throughout one's life, growing with every breath. It is recommended to embark on Base Power training once the body has fully matured. Regardless of age, this training is open to both men and women, with no upper limit.


Experience the Power Within:

The training nurtures the development of power from within. As the student's Base Power reaches its peak,

their exercises emit a resonant "Power Sound," akin to the deep, powerful tones of a bass speaker.

This distinctive sound can be both heard and felt by those in proximity. Once this stage is reached,

students learn to cultivate the Reflex-Mind, enabling the natural expression of their Base Power.

Yang Mian's claims for this training are scientifically proven and can be personally demonstrated by

the master or other instructors of the system.


The Training Unleashes:

  • Rejuvenation and exceptional performance through cellular oxygenation and improved blood circulation.
  • Enhanced self-confidence.
  • Cultivation of stress resilience.
  • Significant improvement in flexibility, strength, and speed.
  • Attainment of inner tranquility and balance.

Benefits of Base Power Training:


  • Realize the true essence of explosive internal power, audibly, visibly, and tangibly.
  • Skills acquired remain with you permanently.
  • Fast-track your journey in the internal martial arts system.
  • Suitable for solo training without a partner.
  • Requires no equipment.
  • Can be practiced anywhere, without the need for a gym or sports facility.
  • Enhances body impact tolerance.
  • Amplifies striking power.
  • Elevates overall well-being.

Embrace the transformative potential of Base Power within the Flowing Principles system.
Unlock the extraordinary power that can be heard, seen, and felt. Every skill learned becomes a lifelong asset.
Experience the swift mastery of this internal martial art, accessible without a partner or specialized equipment.
Build resilience, cultivate power, and elevate your overall well-being. Are you ready to unleash the power that lies within
Step into the world of Base Power and embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and transformation.



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