Base Power

Base Power is the central building block within the Yang Mian Family System.


On this basis, the practitioner learns the natural application of the "Inner Energy",

which enormously increases both health and fighting abilities.

( specialized explosive inner power )  



Effect of Base Power training on the student:

Developing Base Power takes between three and twelve months with continuous training, depending on the practitioner. On this basis, it is then possible to learn the many specializations that the family system contains. Once developed, Base Power remains until old age and even grows with each breath. It is recommended to start Base Power training when the body is fully grown. Upwards, training is possible until old age and is possible for both men and women.




The training promotes the development of strength from within. The base power of the student is trained to such an extent that his body produces a "power sound" (similar to the deep, powerful sound of a bass speaker) during the exercises. This can be heard and felt by bystanders. Once this level of training has been reached, the student learns to develop the so-called reflex mind, so that he can now use his base power in a natural way. All the claims Yang Mian makes for his training are scientifically proven and can be personally demonstrated by the master or other instructors of the system.




The training produces the following:


  • Rejuvenating effect and extreme increase in performance due to oxygen flooding of the cells and improved blood circulation.
  • More self-confidence
  • Cultivation of stress resistance
  • Enormous improvement in agility, strength and speed
  • Development of a sense of inner peace and balance 



The benefits of training at a glance:


  • Real, explosive, inner power that you can hear see and feel
  • Every learned skill remains permanently
  • Fastest inner martial arts system to learn
  • Can be trained without a partner
  • Requires no equipment
  • Can be trained without a gym or sports hall
  • Increases the impact tolerance of the body
  • Improves punching power
  • Increases well-being




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