Calligraphy Elbows


Calligraphy Elbows in Flowing Principles


Within the expansive world of Yang Mian, there exists a remarkable system known as Calligraphy Elbows.

These elbows can be seamlessly integrated with other systems within Yang Mian, including Steel Body,

Calligraphy Grappling, and Reflex Mind. This unique fusion delivers extraordinary results,

particularly for both male and female practitioners of smaller stature.

Prepare to experience the sharp and forceful nature of the elbows and the underlying foundation of power.

The intertwining of these elbows is an art in itself, reminiscent of sculpting or painting.


Embark on a journey through the three stages of development within the Elbow System:


Basic Elbows:

Every elbow strike generated from the Dantian, resonating with a powerful sound.

This stage forms the bedrock of the elbow system, and progress can only occur once this foundation is solidified.


Linked Elbows:

Elbows linked together in 3 to 7 connected movements.

This training cultivates an automatic response in an attacking situation, combining the force of multiple elbow strikes.

The minimum strike time for three elbows is "one second."


Dragon Elbows:

All elbows intricately connected, flowing with three-dimensional, uninterrupted movements.

These elbows emerge from the depths of the Dantian, appearing as mere shadows.

With the "wave-like" pressure and lightning speed generated by Dragon Elbows, attackers are caught completely off guard.

Each strike slices through their defenses, shattering their bodies.


As you delve deeper into the realm of Calligraphy Elbows, new variations await, each with its own distinct character:


Tornado Elbows:

Unleash a whirlwind of ferocity, sweeping through your opponents with devastating force. Your elbows become a tempest of power, striking fear into the hearts of your adversaries.


Lightning Elbows:

Channel the lightning-fast strikes of Lightning Elbows and electrify your opponents with your agility and speed. With lightning coursing through your veins, your strikes become a blur, leaving no time for your opponents to react. Embrace the exhilaration of rapid-fire movements and watch as your lightning-like precision leaves a lasting impact.


Drunken Elbows:

Embrace the unpredictable and fluid nature of Drunken Elbows. Your movements become imbued with deceptive grace, making it near impossible for your opponents to anticipate your strikes.


Steel Elbows:

Infuse your elbows with the indomitable strength of steel. Your strikes become unyielding, able to withstand any resistance while delivering devastating blows that leave your opponents reeling.

Discover the artistry of Calligraphy Elbows and unlock your true potential as a martial artist.

Embrace the power, grace, and precision of these devastating techniques,

and witness your movements transform into a masterpiece of combat.

Whether you choose the swirling force of Tornado Elbows,

the electrifying speed of Lightning Elbows,

the deceptive charm of Drunken Elbows,

or the unwavering strength of Steel Elbows,

the path to martial excellence awaits.

Are you ready to make your mark?



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