Calligraphy Elbows

The Calligraphy Elbows can be connected to any other system within Yang Mian including Steel Body, Calligraphy Grappling and Reflex Mind. This system provides an extraordinary result for smaller male and female practitioners. This is due to the sharp and heavy nature of the elbow and the basic force behind it.
The linking of these elbows is artistic in nature and looks like sculpture or painting.


 The calligraphy elbow system has three different stages of development:


  1. Basic elbows: Any elbow strike made from the Dan Tian with a power sound. It is the foundation of the elbow system.

  2. Linked elbows: Elbows joined together in 3 to 7 linked movements. This workout creates an automatic response in a combined elbow strike attack situation. The minimum strike time for three elbows is one second.

  3. Dragon Elbow: All elbows connected, with three-dimensional uninterrupted movements. These elbows are made from the
    Dan Tian and are just a shadow of it. Because of the "wave-like" pressure and speed generated by Dragon Elbow, an attacker is completely taken aback by the attack. Each hit literally cuts and shatters your body.



Tornado Elbows
Lightning Elbows

Drunken Elbows


Steel Elbows




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