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We are power training professionals. We specialise in developing power, speed, power transfer and mind-body reflex link within each individual, to enhance their sports performance.


In this area of specialised training, we acknowledge two areas to produce sports mastery:



External training:

The traditional Western method which is the fundamental physical training system for professionals. External here means muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments. This kind of training cannot stay with you for your entire life. Instead, as the training stops and your body ages, muscular strength diminishes and tendons and ligaments become weak and sore.



Internal training:

This is training at a cellular level, generated from inside your body. This kind of training stays with you for the rest of your life because it does not depend on external forces. Inside training relies on blood circulation, oxygen and cellular energy. It reaches places which external training cannot. For example fear, anxiety, anger, worry, stress and other negative emotions which are generated from the mind, can be addressed and overcome by internal training. Internal training eventually re-programmes your DNA blueprint, through consistent work, so that as new bodily cells are produced they carry the training information to the next duplication of cells.


Primary Focus



We believe that the professional sports person should combine external and internal training to reach their goals, to excel in their chosen field. With internal training the sportsperson learns to explode their energy automatically, without stopping for conscious thought, when it is needed most.



Instant Explosive Power


The power produced by the Flowing Principles is not a typical physical method. Instead the system employed is one of internal body chemistry at cellular level. This involves electricity, heat generation and the body’s cells uniting to fire in synchronicity. This is our instant explosive power method.





Through Flowing Principles training the human body becomes “rubber-like” and supple. This “rubber” feeling is the conduit to speed as the body’s energy channels, tendons, ligaments, and fascia are released and opened. Muscle learns to relax through power movements, removing the tension.
With this opening, speed flows from the body without utilising muscular force.



Power Transfer


The Flowing Principles method can train the body to produce, and maximise, the transferring power of inertia. Imagine a racing car hitting a wall without any brakes; the power continues going into the wall it strikes, even after impact has taken place. This is our definition of power transfer.



Mind-body Reflex Link


Reflex link is the body working intuitively, independent of the conscious “stopping” mind. By moving sub-consciously through cell memory, reflex link allows the mind to stay focussed on intent of action, or a goal, because it trusts the body completely. This is the highest level of movement achievable by the human body. Most elite athletes know about ‘feel’ but few feel it. This is an Flowing Principles area of expertise.



Athlete Mobility and Internal Function


By utilising our patented three-dimensional movements, mobility and function are improved by the Flowing Principles, helping to release and provide balance to the musculoskeletal system. At the same time, we develop the human cellular energy system which is completely misunderstood and ignored by Western ideologies and methods. What do we mean by the cellular energy systems? Here we are talking about the body’s chemistry and cellular intelligence. Food and oxygen combining in the cells, which are then all fired in synchronicity to create power. DNA blueprints imprinted with your movements. This end result cannot be found in physical methods.



Flowing Principles is not an expert in the technicalities of each sport presented in this website. Instead our expertise lies in creating power, speed, reflex link, power transfer and three dimensional movement. We are experts in creating a natural feel and a natural body whose power can explode instantly.
So if you think of a Formula 1 race car, Flowing Principles
is providing the engine and the petrol. However, as a professional, how you drive the vehicle is up to you.


Secondary Focus


Flowing Principles secondary area of focus is to deal with four areas that can be holding back the potential of a highly trained athlete.


  1. Confidence. Without confidence an athlete cannot fully attain their goals. When we are talking about confidence we are talking about belief in oneself and one’s abilities. When an athlete has belief, his or her abilities are supercharged. Their mind and body, at a cellular level are synergistic, coming together to bring an athletic performance up to 110%.
  2. Sleep. Without the necessary rest required to help the body recover, an athlete cannot reach their full potential. An athlete can find that when they are training for large events, or in highly competitive situations, their mind can become overexcited and their body weakened due to high levels of training. Flowing Principles job is to reverse the adverse effects of these and help the athlete to find mental grounding, calmness, and a peaceful approach to their goals and career. This is achieved through a breathing techniques and movements which are primal, innate, and completely natural. Our breathing methods can be used for sleep, but also cross-over into other areas of Flowing Principles training.
  3. Big-game pressure. Flowing Principles job is to put the athlete in a position where they can release this pressure before the event and increase their focus. It is quite common when an athlete is under pressure to make bad decisions, or small mistakes that can cost them the match or the game. We deal specifically with this area, helping athletes to stay sharp and focused by dramatically reducing anxiety or nervousness.
  4. Injury recovery and body balancing. By helping the athlete to recover from injuries they can once again release their full potential. What does body balancing mean? We mean certain parts of the athlete’s anatomy may be tight or overtrained and another part may be loose and weak. For example, in rowing, tennis, golf and many other sports, one side is the predominant power driver and the other side of the body is used for balance or counterbalancing. Flowing Principles helps the athlete to overcome this imbalance and return function to the weaker side. When the athlete completely trusts their body again, their performance will automatically improve as they feel comfortable to train 100% with no holds barred.





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