Corporate Program


Corporate stress involves two areas;


Physical stress

Mental stress


Physical stress, for corporate people, involves six areas. The hips, lower back, shoulders, neck, face/eyes and digestion. These are all interlinked, not isolated. Calligraphy Health believes that these six areas are directly linked to circulatory problems involving blood, digestion and the nervous systems. Physical pain can set off a chain of cellular chemistry that can directly affect mental function. This is why addressing physical stress is such an important factor in overcoming stress itself.


Mental stress is linked to poor blood and oxygen circulation. Again this mental stress is directly linked to the body’s chemistry, that is, a negative mental state can induce a negative physical state at a cellular level. The body and mind follow each other downward, and can cause the whole system (i.e. “You”) to come crashing down. This “crashing” is what creates a negative view of the world and our life.


Calligraphy Health are specialists in improving these physical and mental circulatory problems. This is a system of maintenance whereby we start to reverse the uncomfortable effects of a sedentary work life. Through 3-D movement and correct breathing, we help to release pains and blockages in the body. Linear movement will not overcome a linear seating arrangement. For example running, cycling, stretching the front and back of your legs will not overcome the same plane that you sit in, which in this case is to the front. Instead our 3-D movements are based on a spiral wrapped around a ball. This covers far greater range of movement around the joints of the spine, the hips, shoulders, neck, ankles, elbows and wrists. Moreover, these three-dimensional movements coupled with correct breathing methods open up blockages in the body; tightened muscles, fascia, tendons, and ligaments learn to release and open through comfort and trust.


When the body connects to these circulatory awakenings, stress will start to dissipate, simply because the environment in which it needs to thrive has been dissolved. The system of Calligraphy Health brings about peace, calm, mental grounding and happiness as the body returns to natural, innate function.



Corporate Teamwork


Calligraphy Health specialises in techniques of balance, harmony and circulation. These techniques can be used, en masse, within the corporate world amongst teams. The principles are based on the balancing of positive and negative, circulation within the human body and the overall improvement of individual health. The four steps that Calligraphy Health focuses on for corporate teamwork are;


  1. Learning to deal with environmental stress
  2. Improving your body conditioning
  3. Turning negative feelings to positive feelings; this is directly related to job performance and quality.
  4. The fourth step is team synergy. This is where team members start to “feel” each other’s actions and thoughts. There is a positive/negative balance within the team and team members aren’t going against each other. This step is an automatic result of the three prior steps.

Through this specialised program, a corporation, or company will see direct results within their teams and employees. Our program can be tailored to focus on your company and team needs with the end result being faster output,
as well as better quality and performance.



Corporate Wellness and Balancing


Calligraphy Health specialises in what it terms “Corporate Wellness and Balancing”. This is special training and programming designed for those people caught in an office environment. Common problems associated with this type of setting can be headaches, dry eyes, stiff hips, poor digestion, lower back and neck pain. Through our training, employers and employees alike can regain control of their physical health. Calligraphy Health utilises three-dimensional movement, acupressure points, massage and breathing techniques to bring the human body back into balance and overcome office environment ailments. The effects are noticeable and immediate, often times bringing instant release.



So what is the point of being in balance? What is the point of feeling well? The answer is simple; it is a “flow-on” effect to your job. This balancing of your health and wellness changes negative feelings to positive ones. You have clarity of thought, your body feels light and mentally you are feeling grounded. Instead of feeling that your job is going against you, you are now enjoying what you are doing. Happiness emanates from inside of you and your view of the world is more positive.



Executive Stress


Calligraphy Health deals with executive stress separately from corporate stress. The reason for this being that executive stress is more unique in that they are the face and brain of the company. Their decisions can affect the livelihood of their employees which requires a high degree of foresight in business relations and commitments. Their attitude and performance can directly impact those under them resulting in either a negative or positive outcome for the corporation or company.


Using specialised techniques, we deal with executive stress in the following way;


  1. Improving your overall health. This includes improving blood and oxygen circulation in the body, releasing tight muscles, ligaments and tendons. Through these improvements there is a reduction in body pain, discomfort, headaches, high blood pressure, diabetes, and indigestion, just to name a few.
  2. Turning negative feelings to positive feelings. This is very important for executives as feelings are the base from which we make our decisions. Moreover, our feelings can be portrayed in our speech and actions which can have a flow on effect to the employees under the executive. By feeling more positive, the executive will start to produce more confidence in their staff regarding their position and the company itself.
  3. Releasing pressure and stress. Stress is corrosive by its very nature. It will eat into everything. Stress can be linked to insomnia, poor digestion, migraines, high blood pressure and extremes of temper. Moreover, it will eat into your family life, personal relationships and your sex life. Without the ability to release this poison it will eventually set up the right environment in your body for major illness. Calligraphy health is a specialist in this area of stress release.


Executives are “the general of the army” so it is of the utmost importance that their position is solidified in confidence and trust,

both within themselves and others. Our mission for executive stress is to put them in a

position of being positivity and real health (not just fitness).
By positive we don’t mean occasionally we mean the lion’s share.
By health we mean the body’s major organs are being properly serviced,
prolonging life and they are calm, grounded and happy.



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