Without confidence an athlete cannot fully attain their goals. When we are talking about confidence we are talking about belief in oneself and one’s abilities, understanding what you’re doing and knowing yourself. When an athlete has belief, his or her abilities are supercharged. It’s not found in words or attitude but emanates from within. The body and mind trust each other, coming together to maximise athletic performance. Our methods work on unifying the mind and body; with oxygen circulation being an integral part of the confidence equation.



Sleep Problems


This is currently one of the biggest topics for professional athletes. Without the necessary rest required to help the body recover, an athlete’s training and competitive edge is adversely affected. An athlete can find that when they are training for large events, or in highly competitive situations, their mind can become overexcited and their body weakened due to high levels of training. The sports fitness consultant’s job is to reverse these effects and help the athlete to find mental grounding, calmness, and a peaceful approach to their goals and career. This is achieved through breathing, circulation and movement methods which are innate, and completely natural. Our breathing methods can be used for sleep, but also cross-over into other areas of Flowing Principles training. We do not treat sleep as an isolated problem instead we approach it, in a unified way, as part of the whole.



Competition Pressure


It is quite common when an athlete is under pressure to make bad decisions, or small mistakes that can cost them the match or the game. Flowing Principles job is to put the athlete in a position where they can release this pressure before the event and increase their focus. Breathing patterns at this time are often the culprit, robbing the body’s circulation of oxygen, directly impacting brain function and clarity of thought. We have specialised methods and techniques in this area, helping athletes to stay sharp and focused by dramatically reducing anxiety, nervousness and over-excitement.



Single Point Concentration


Through our Single-point Concentration method we can bring the body’s cells and nervous system, through the mind, all the way into to a single point of focus. This training also regulates the heart rate helping it to calm down and forget. This point of focus for an elite athlete, could be a target, an achievable outcome, or even be a simple, fluid motion. By achieving Single-point Concentration we can remove outside stimuli, for example noise, taunting, abuse, past mistakes and possible negative future outcomes. This methodology helps to break the cycle of divided attention and bring your mind back to yourself and your target.



Body-Mind Unification


Our philosophy is that the human body has two minds. The first mind resides in the skull and is known as the thinking mind. The second mind resides in the lower abdomen and is known as the action mind. In actual fact there is an electrical vessel governing, and joining, these two minds. Through special training, Flowing Principles is able to unify the connection between these two minds. The precursor to this body-mind unification is cell’s memory in the muscles, nervous system, tendons and ligaments. When the thinking mind and the action mind unite, they can send and receive signals via cell’s memory, combined with sensitivity, which results in very natural reactions to outside stimuli. This is much the same as a blink if someone flicks their fingers at your eyes.




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