I have known Christian for some time now
and I can say that he is truly an expert in his field.
Not only can he convey his teachings, but more importantly,
he embodies it in and out of class.
This is important when seeking an instructor who professes to be able to
improve one’s physical and mental health, as you cannot take
someone somewhere you haven’t been yourself.
To that end, I can highly recommend Christian (and Zuzana) to guide one to a better state of well-being.
You will enjoy the journey!

Vik Hothi
Owner/Senior Chief Instructor IMAS Martial Arts and Fitness

Zuzana Mitosinkova and Christian Kunz are two dedicated and

enthusiastic teachers.
I can really recommend the seminars of the two to

anyone who wants to improve their emotional and physical well-being.

The perfect balance of well-founded,
theoretical background knowledge 
intensive, inner work - and all that in a great community -

what more could you want?




Simon Heil

Wing Chun Instructor
Qi Gong Teacher

Germany - Munich

I've just participated to the Calligraphy Health workshop in Croatia with
Zuzana and Christian.

I already had some calligraphy yoga workshop with Master Yang,
5 years ago but did not keep practicing.
For some reason,
it was still in the back of my mind and decided to join this summer workshop.
I'm so glad I did!
From this practice and the related martial art Yang Mian, I developed a sensitivity to energies and it does not stop to amaze me. I'm sure this practice can help people have a better and happier life.
When I practice for half an hour, it feels like I´ve just started and want to keep going.
I can only recommend this practice based on breathing, meditative movement, relaxation and connection.

It helps me to calm down and be more focused.
Just give it a try!

Gaël Falez


Czech Republic

Günther Pfeifer

( Tao Sports München )

Kyusho Jitsu Master and

Teacher for Systema


Sonja Pierer


Björn Werner
chinese fighting arts)

Wing Chun Master and

Qi Gong Teacher


 This system impresses with its profound wealth of experience, efficiency, and tangible energy work. Health and martial arts are here like two sides of the same coin. However, what was most important to me were the authentic and warm-hearted teachers. You quickly feel at home here. Thank you, Christian and Zuzana.


Marco Geißmann
WildFit Coach


 Christian and Zuzana are very skilled and kind hearted teachers,
both of them have walked the path o
f flowing principles with dedication for a long time and they know how to communicate all these ideas with love and passion.
Very grateful to know these souls!
They are without a doubt exceptional ambassadors of Master Zhen Hua Yang's Calligraphy Health System.

Highly recommended!

Hannu M.

Calligraphy Health & Yoga Teacher



As a long-time practitioner and trainer of the Japanese martial art Aikido, I have always been searching for the development of Chi (Jap. Ki), often described as life energy and breath, but also essence of the cosmos. Ki is an essential element of Aikido practice.


Different training approaches led to a certain development, but the result was never really satisfying.


Some years ago I met Christian Kunz and Dr. Zuzana Mitošinková


 and later also Master Zenhua Yang, who developed the system of Calligraphy Health and made it accessible to western practitioners.


The guidance and support of these individuals have been instrumental in my development in Calligraphy Health.


Through regular practice of Calligraphy Health I began to feel a deeper sense of flowing chi and an increased sense of aliveness, which had become somewhat weaker over the years.


To feel the lightness in the movements of the exercise sequences is a great experience, especially for someone who has already passed the age of 60.


What is particularly helpful and convincing for me is that I have finally found a "methodology" that allows a continuous and successful systematic practice.

Reinhard Häuserer
Aikido Lehrer
Ueshiba Morihei Linie
Germany - Augsburg




+49 176 8950 2981
+49 156 7935 5269


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