Christian Kunz

My name is Christian, I am the founder of Flowing Principles to allow the acquired and deepened knowledge from the Calligraphy Health and the Yang Mian family system of Master Yang and its principles to flow together here that happens at a high level and understanding in a completely natural way and is deeply connected with each other.



Since the cooperation (2016) with Zuzana, what we learned together from Master Yang Zhen Hua and were able to deepen together, has taken on an increasingly holistic form.

Experience and knowledge from the Yang family system, previously learned from meditation, sport, martial arts and movement arts, as well as further deepening in traditional holistic practices, flow more and more into something holistic where we can help people on all levels and here you offer our services.


A constantly evolving, changing system that is here for everyone to work on themself and develop further on a holistic level of body, mind, soul and consciousness.


I see my calling in what I do, which I approach with love and joy and the greatest reward for me is the development of every single person who, happy and full of love, continues to develop from within to a long, pain-free life without suffering.



Experience in martial arts,

movement arts and sports


Since 1985 until today ...









Goju-Ryu Karate


Artistic cycling





(Box-Club Schifferstadt 1996-2001)


Shaolin Wing Chun (Speyer / Ludwigshafen a.R.)

(SiHing Frank Wörner 2004-2008)


Kick-Boxing (Regensburg)

(Trainer Sebastian 2005-2006)


Qi Gong

(SiHing Frank Wörner - Speyer / Ludwigshafen a.R.)

(Robert Peng - 3 days workshop in Hamburg 2017)



SreeAgasthya Kalari Kochi (Sivan Gurukkal)

(Intensive training March / April 2012)


Kalari Ayurveda massage

Kalari Kshethra (Lalu Kshethra)

(Training / Kalari massage training Dec. 2015 / Jan. 2016)





Intensive training in

Calligraphy Health & Yang Mian Family System


Yang Mian system

(Rami Al-Kass 2010-2014)

(Master Zhen Hua Yang since 2012)


Calligraphy Health

(Heidi Al-Kass 2012-2014)

(Master Zhen Hua Yang since 2015)




Trainer further education (studies)


Fitness & nutrition trainer

(Budo academy with Heidi and Jamal Measara - 4 weeks internship)


BSA Academy studies:



Fitness trainer B license (since March 18, 2008)

Health trainer (since May 16, 2010)

Sports rehabilitation trainer (since June 13, 2010)

Trainer for cardio fitness (since July 18, 202010)

Competitive sports body trainer (since 08/01/2010)

Fit-Kids course instructor (since 08/20/2010)

Senior trainer (since 08/22/2010)

Pilates-plus trainer (since September 3, 2010)

Pilates matwork trainer (since September 16, 2010)

Back school trainer (since September 19, 2010)

Osteoporosis prevention course leader (since October 24, 2010)

Nutrition trainer (since November 28, 2010)

Trainer for preventive back training (since December 10, 2010)

Trainer for rehabilitation equipment training (since December 14, 2010)

Trainer for device-based strength training (since March 30, 2011)


Certified personal trainer (since January 7, 2013)





Mosoq Karpay meditation



Skilled professions and work experience



(Johann butcher's shop in Schifferstadt 1996-1999)

(Rothenberger butcher's shop in Ludwigshafen 2000-2001)


Crew leader

(Poetra Moving Company 2001-2003)


Regular soldier

(Bundeswehr 2003-2011)



(Eckardt Schools Regenstauf / Marriot Hotel Regensburg 2005-2007)

(Further experience in the Bundeswehr [German Army period] 2003-2011)




Personal trainer and instructor

(since 2012)

Experience, among other things, as a personal trainer with training courses for Air Force soldiers in Ramstein(Germany) and Bundeswehr soldiers from all over Germany.

Further teaching martial arts teachers and masters from different styles across Europe in this principles.

And other teachers / trainers from areas such as the art of movement, yoga, Qi Gong etc. found their way here to further educate themselves and develop further.

Wu Dang


Taoism System






Buddhist System



Meditation & External System

Family System


Principles of the Yang Family


3D Fa-Jing System

Mian Quan


Gong Fu System



Body Conditioning

Qi Gong


Healing & Energy System

Energy Production & Transfer



Xing Yi, Bagua,

Tai Chi

Internal System




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