Master Yang

 Family Tree

  • Mon Gwa Yu
  • Son Fu Ai
  • Yang Li Chan
  • Sun Ja Bio (High Grandmaster)
  • Hai Teng (32. abt of the Shaolin Temple, 1902-1989)
  • Shu Jen Pien (Living Grandmaster)
  • Yang Zhen Hua (Master)
  • Zuzana Mitošinková (direct student and teacher)
  • Christian Kunz (direct student and teacher)


Master Zhen Hua Yang


Master Zhen Hua Yang 
Master Yang’s experience in the fields of human energy production, combined with power, power transfer, speed, reflex mind and movement stretches over 45 years of his life. His knowledge is wide and deep; steeped in ancient methods and techniques. It has been accumulated through his interactions with his teachers, as well as his through his own experiences and realisations. Master Yang’s wants people to be able to enjoy their lives because they are still mobile and functioning; happy, grounded, peaceful, and exuding positive energy. In Master Yang's own words “The highest level of living is with no sickness, no pain and passing away naturally.”

PaedDr. Zuzana Mitošinková, PhD.


Zuzana Mitošinková

is a direct student of Master Yang and a certified teacher in the Calligraphy Health System.

In line with Master Yang's call for as many people as possible to reach a higher level of health and enjoy life in an easily moving, functioning body; Zuzana was the first to bring Calligraphy Yoga (Calligraphy Health) to Slovakia, where it was publicized.



With gratitude, humility, and joy, Master Yang's desire to see more and more people healthy, happy, peaceful, and grounded will help you; with radiant positive energy.

Christian Kunz


Christian Kunz

He completed his training with Master Yang in 2012 and continues to train with him in his system.

Christian found the way to martial arts and the other arts of movement at the age of 5 years.

He gained experience in judo, goju-ryu karate, wing chun, boxing, gymnastics, art-wheel driving, qigong and yoga. As well as theory and practice in the ancient Indian art of Kalarippayat and training in the traditional Kalari massage, more and more shaped his further path.

The urge to continue to develop, Christian learned next to his vocational training to cook, the teacher of fitness and health.

He gained experience as a personal trainer and group trainer for athletes and soldiers of the German and American Army for several years.

This change took place after a tragic accident, which he managed with much luck and thanks to the already learned with minor injuries than imagined.


With the goal to give people more health, happiness and well-being, and to develop themselves in a positive direction, Christian started to intensively study Master Yang's family system in 2010 and finally found exactly what he was looking for and what he lacked in all the others before.

After two years of intensive training and preparation with Rami Al-Kass (Hong De), Christian received permission from Master Yang to continue teaching the family system.


Christian continues to develop with Master Yang in order to deepen and internalize not only further development, but also already learned things.

In 2015, Christian and Zuzana was named European Representative by Master Yang.


Christian has been living in Slovakia since 2016 and has a close cooperation with Zuzana in which both work together as a perfect team to bring even more quality and knowledge to each and every one of you.

Master Yang has Zuzana and Christian included in his immediate family.


Christian is a certified teacher and direct master student in the Calligraphy Health and Yang Mian Family System.




Christian Kunz is the founder of Flowing Principles

Wu Dang

Taoism System




Buddhist System


Meditation & External System

Family System

Principles of the Yang Family


3D Fa-Jing System

Mian Chuan

Gong Fu System


Body Conditioning

Qi Gong

Healing & Energy System

Energy Production & Transfer


Xing Yi, Bagua,

Tai Chi

Internal System

life extension specialist


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