PaedDr. Zuzana Mitošinková, PhD.



Zuzana is a direct student of Master Yang and a certified teacher in the Calligraphy Health System.

In line with Master Yang's call for as many people as possible to reach a higher level of health and enjoy life in an easily moving, functioning body; Zuzana was the first to bring Calligraphy Yoga (Calligraphy Health) to Slovakia, where it was publicized.



With gratitude, humility, and joy, Master Yang's desire to see more and more people healthy, happy, peaceful, and grounded will help you; with radiant positive energy.

Christian Kunz



Ever since I was a child I have been involved in various types of movement.

In the areas of martial arts, sports, Qi Gong and fitness I found my further joy in movement, and how to learn to feel your own body in different ways.


By gaining experience and personal development, I also discovered areas that were hidden deep within me and later brought me to other areas such as ...

... Slavic information medicine, energy work and traditional tantra, which I still deal with today.

Through deeper practice in Slavic, Taoist and Buddhist methods, I recognized the connection between the individual areas and the deeper understanding in them and thereby learned a lot more about my real self.


I have made it my task to pass on my skills and the knowledge of inner happiness that is deepening to others.

To help people individually or holistically to support them in their further development.


Wu Dang


Taoism System






Buddhist System



Meditation & External System

Family System


Principles of the Yang Family


3D Fa-Jing System

Mian Quan


Gong Fu System



Body Conditioning

Qi Gong


Healing & Energy System

Energy Production & Transfer



Xing Yi, Bagua,

Tai Chi

Internal System




+421 907 722 648 (Zuzana Mitošinková)

+49 1768 950 2981 (Christian Kunz)


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