Cell’s Memory


A basic explanation of cell’s memory is the body moving automatically without conscious thought. This means that you can remove thinking and internal dialoguing when something needs to be done. You can see this in a simple way, for example, when someone flicks their fingers at your eyes, you automatically blink without thinking. It is the same principle. How can this be done? When the body’s cells are duplicating, they retain their instructions, passing them onto the freshly duplicated cell. We are actually encoding your cells for movement. This does take time, but through the training, which incorporates movement and breathing, Flowing Principles can set up cells memory. This puts you in a position of having an automatic response to external stimuli. Once cells memory has been set up, you can start going into a moving meditation for your actions. This means that you are now utilising subconscious mind for your sport. Without thinking you just perform the action. As the cells memory develops and subconscious mind takes over you start getting closer to the “happiness sea”. This is a place, a sanctuary, which develops from deep within you. It is from this place that you can eliminate worry, fear, anxiety and other troubles. Many people train for many years just to find this place.



Circulation (the Pillar)


Through experience in training and understanding of human physiology, Flowing Principles has found, much the same as western science, that the base of true human health is in circulation. When we talk of circulation here, we’re not just talking about one type of circulation. The system employed by Flowing Principles is actually based on three types of circulation.


Blood Circulation – Flowing Principles deals with this area by increasing vascular movement in and around the body’s muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons.

Digestive Circulation – By utilising the abdominal area as a power source, Flowing Principles movements help to maintain the elasticity of the bowel and intestines. Not only is elasticity maintained but good blood circulation and movement through this area is instrumental in the maintenance of human health.

Mental/Nervous System Circulation – By increasing the efficiency of blood circulation, we get more blood and oxygen to the brain, with the obvious result being increased brain function and clarity in mental signalling. Also, through the training of multiple 3D movements (e.g. manipulating 3 – 4 spherical planes of movement at one time in one motion) an athlete’s co-ordination and function are greatly challenged. It’s during this process that fresh, oxygen laden blood flows through the brain.



Three Dimensional Movement


Flowing Principles trains three-dimensional movement in this way;


  1. 3-dimensional energy transfer
  2. 3-dimensional movement of joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles
  3. 3-dimensional instant, internal explosive power
  4. Natural, 3-dimensional linking of the above three methods


This completes the system. It is this three-dimensional aspect to the training, which puts it at a higher level. It is perfectly suited to elite athletes and professionals looking for the advantage and edge to their training.



Mind-body Reflex Link


Reflex link is the body working intuitively, independent of the conscious “thinking” mind. By moving sub-consciously through cell memory, reflex link allows the mind to stay focussed on intent of action, or a goal, because it trusts the body completely. This is the highest level of movement achievable by the human body. Most elite athletes know about ‘feel’ but few feel it. This is an Flowing Principles area of expertise.





Through our training the human body becomes “rubber-like” and supple. This “rubber” feeling is the conduit to speed as the body comes back to natural, smooth movement. In fact this is not a weakening of the body, just a change of state. Muscle learns to relax through power movements, removing the tension. With this change speed flows from the body without utilising muscular force.



Power Transfer


The Flowing Principles method can train the body to produce and maximise, the transferring power of inertia. Imagine a racing car hitting a wall without any brakes; the power continues going into the wall it strikes, even after impact has taken place. This is our definition of power transfer.





Sensitivity can occur when there is contact with a living or moving thing. This can include human to human contact, human to elemental contact, human to object contact; as long as the object is physically moving you can generate sensitivity. This is information being delivered through the nervous system from the cells. This electrical signal is superfast and can become so finely tuned that your actions can almost be considered pre-cognitive. Sensitive feeling is a consequence of returning to natural movement, a natural body and the development of cell’s memory.



Action Mind


Everyone knows that we have a brain which, resides in our head, however we have a second brain or mind which, resides in the belly approximately one and a half to 2 inches below the navel. This mind or brain here is what we term the action mind or the Dantian mind.



It is from this point that all action takes place through Flowing Principles training. We develop this area as a power source (e.g. instant explosive power, snap power, vibrate power etc) and it is from this power source that energy explodes out like a bomb. Western science has already proven that there is an electrical vessel or an electrical connection between the thinking mind and the action mind. However, the action mind to Western physiology and sports sciences is non-existent or mildly elusive at best. By utilising the Dantian or action mind as the source you can synchronise the body; tendons, joints, muscles and cells come together to create action. Flowing Principles has the knowledge and skill to develop this action mind, this power centre to its full capabilities.


Instant Internal Explosive Power


Our instant internal explosive power method is one of internal body chemistry at cellular level. This involves electricity, heat generation and the body’s cells uniting to fire in synchronicity.


This power originates at the action mind which is found in the lower abdominal region of the body. It is also reliant on blood circulation and blood flow. Once the connection has been made with the action mind, and blood circulation is flowing correctly, then the player can generate instant explosive power. Application of this power then becomes known as Fa-jing, extending it out to the limbs and extremities, or through the whole body depending on what you wish to accomplish. It is sudden and with a shock, much like a bomb going off, or like a powerful sneeze; going from complete relaxation to sudden tension in the blink of an eye.





Fa-jing is the Chinese terminology for the body’s cellular chemistry firing in complete synchronicity i.e. food and oxygen combining at a cellular level and forced together into perfect time. This is very much like a bomb going off, or like a powerful sneeze; going from complete relaxation to sudden tension in a fraction of a second.


Fa-jing response can be defined as “action without thinking or preparation”. “Thinking or preparation” here means observing an external condition and then preparing to respond through a process of conscious thought. This process of thought is not part of the fa-jing response. The fa-jing response is automatic and sub-conscious which is why training for this method is complex and rare.


On a further note, the fa-jing methods taught by Flowing Principles are not linear in nature. Fa-jing can, and does, exist in a 2-Dimensional plane but this means to apply what you have learnt you need to be in a certain position (an area in space and time). In comparison, Flowing Principles methods are 3-Dimensional, mapping the model of a sphere. This means that application is much more versatile and can be applied at any angle, through unbroken movement. It blends into an athlete’s movement and is natural in its production, working in conjunction with flowing action. In the air, fa-jing can be used for twisting, spinning, and flipping. On the ground it can be used in transference to objects and people.


Without preparatory instruction, fa-jing can damage the body, as ligaments and tendons are not ready to receive it. Your ligaments and tendons must be in a position of complete trust, and the body unified and kinetically linked.


While western science is yet to recognise and understand this innate power in all of us, Flowing Principles is teaching methods and techniques which have been employed in the East for five thousand years. Fa-jing is recognised as the highest level display of the human body in complete harmony and balance with itself.



Injury Recovery & Body Balance


By helping the athlete to recover from injuries they can once again release their full potential. What does body balancing mean? We mean certain parts of the athlete’s anatomy may be tight or overtrained and another part may be loose and weak. For example, in rowing, tennis, golf and many other sports, one side is the predominant power driver and the other side of the body is used for balance/counterbalance or control. Flowing Principles helps the athlete to overcome this imbalance and return function and mobility to the weaker side. When the athlete completely trusts their body again, their performance will automatically improve as they feel confident and comfortable to train 100% with no holds barred.





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