Yang Mian System

A unique 4-dimensional martial arts system,

that cultivates inner energy and strength,

that you can see, hear and feel.

Calligraphy Elbows

The Calligraphy Elbow System is based on 10 pairs of elbows that are powered by instant, explosive power and connected through 3D link at the Dan Tian. A speciality of Yang Mian.

Calligraphy Steel System

A specialised collection of body conditioning that compliments any martial arts system. From Steel Finger to Steel Leg, this conditioning is especially useful for martial arts and therapists.

Calligraphy Grappling

Calligraphy Grappling does not rely on physical strength, which is what makes it so devastating. Like an eel in the water; you can wrap yourself around any joint in the human body.


This is the start of reflex mind or ‘moving meditation’, leading you to the highest level of martial arts skill. A combination of all Yang Mian skills joined by smooth, flowing 3D link.

Yang Mian system


The Yang-Mian family system belongs to the internal martial arts and is due to its flowing movements and
the strong Qi flows (energy flow) also as

Denoted Water Gong Fu (Water Kung Fu).


Like a river that never stops flowing and always finds a way.


Real strength does not come from physical strength.

The three-dimensional movements arise from the middle of the body, the dantian, our energy and movement center.


Yang Mian originated around 400 years ago in the Sichuan province of China.


At that time the whole province was surrounded by enemies. In order to be able to ensure the defense of the homeland, Gong Fu masters, healers and Dao masters have worked together and developed a martial art that is one of the strongest and most effective the world has ever seen.


The Yang Mian is a unique martial art system that teaches and encourages the use of inner energy. When properly trained, it offers unlimited possibilities.


The application of the internal force is in contrast to the external force, which quickly reaches its limits here in the foreground.


As a martial art of inner strength, the students in Yang Mian learn how to generate inner energy on the basis of the natural movements of their body and how to express this in a lively way in a combat situation. The system trains the body to become as elastic as rubber, so that the student is able to explosively and purposefully transfer internal energy to any target.


All techniques and movements are carried out at high speed and at the same time soft and flowing (like water). If a student hits an opposing target and transfers his power in the process, it penetrates the object from the inside out, just as if a hammer were pushing a nail through wood.

The basic training is to breathe properly, concentrate on your body and feel your own energy.

One of the keys to further development is relaxation, also called Fangsong in Chinese (also known as Song or Sung).

Fangsong is much more than relaxing a bit, it is one of the most important basics.

After reaching the Fangsong (Relaxed status) follow the further steps for the development.






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