Yang Mian System

A unique 4-dimensional martial arts system,

that cultivates inner energy and strength,

that you can see, hear and feel.

Discover the transformative potential of the Yang Mian System, an exceptional internal martial arts system

designed to unleash explosive, internal energy by harnessing the power of natural human movements.

Through our innovative approach, we enable practitioners to express these movements in a dynamic,

three-dimensional manner, enhancing their combative abilities like never before.

Integrate with Any Martial Art: Elevate Your Practice to New Heights


Imagine infusing your existing martial arts practice with the cutting-edge techniques of Yang Mian.

Our system seamlessly integrates with any martial art, enabling you to supercharge your skills

and take your performance to unparalleled levels. Whether you're a seasoned martial artist or

a beginner on your journey, our 3D Fajin Power and 4D Martial Art System will empower you

to surpass your limits and achieve remarkable feats.

Unlock the Secrets of Body Conditioning: Strengthen Your Core, Amplify Your Power


In addition to its martial arts prowess, the Yang Mian System places significant emphasis on body conditioning.

By engaging in our meticulously designed training methods, you will develop a rock-solid core,

enhance your physical resilience, and amplify your overall power.

Experience a profound transformation as you unlock the true potential of your body,

enabling you to dominate your opponents and overcome any challenge.



Take the Next Step Towards Mastery: Join the Yang Mian System Today!

Base Power

Base Power is the central building block within the Yang Mian Family System.

On this basis, the practitioner learns the natural application of the "Inner Energy",

which enormously increases both health and fighting abilities.

( specialized explosive inner power )  

Calligraphy Elbows

The Calligraphy Elbow System is based on 10 pairs of elbows that are powered by instant, explosive power and connected through 3D link at the Dantian. A speciality of Yang Mian.

Steel System

A specialised collection of body conditioning that compliments any martial arts system. From Steel Finger to Steel Leg, this conditioning is especially useful for martial arts and therapists.

Calligraphy Grappling

Calligraphy Grappling does not rely on physical strength, which is what makes it so devastating. Like an eel in the water; you can wrap yourself around any joint in the human body.


This is the start of reflex mind or ‘moving meditation’, leading you to the highest level of martial arts skill. A combination of all Yang Mian skills joined by smooth, flowing 3D link.

Yang Mian system


 Once upon a time in the beautiful province of Sichuan, China, a legendary martial arts system was born.
This system, known as the Yang-Mian family system, carried within it the essence of flowing movements
and the powerful flow of Qi, earning it the nickname "Water Gong Fu."


Picture a mighty river, meandering through valleys and mountains, never ceasing its journey. Just like that river,
the Yang-Mian system flows effortlessly, harnessing the true power that lies within.


But this power is not derived from sheer physical strength alone. It goes deeper, much deeper. It stems from the core of our being,
the Dan Tian, the energy and movement center that resides within us all.


400 years ago, in a time of turmoil and constant threats to their homeland, the people of Sichuan faced great challenges.
In response, a group of martial arts masters, healers, and Dao practitioners joined forces. Together,
they created a martial art that would become one of the most formidable and effective in the world.


The Yang-Mian system is unique. It embraces the use of inner energy, guiding students to tap into the limitless potential within themselves. In this art, inner power takes precedence over outer strength, for true strength knows no bounds.


Within the realm of Yang Mian, students learn to cultivate their inner energy, aligning it with the natural movements of their bodies. They discover the art of expressing this energy in a vibrant and dynamic manner, especially in combat situations.
The system transforms their bodies, making them as elastic as rubber, enabling them to channel their inner energy explosively
and precisely towards any target.


Every technique and movement is executed with grace and speed, flowing like water. When a student strikes their opponent's target, their force penetrates from within, akin to a hammer driving a nail through wood. The impact is powerful, precise, and effective.


But the Yang-Mian system is not just about combat prowess. It is a holistic journey of self-discovery and growth.
As students immerse themselves in this art, they begin to embody the essence of flowing principles, seamlessly integrating their physical and energetic bodies. They become one with the ever-flowing river of energy, harmonizing with the universe itself.


So, are you ready to embark on a transformative adventure? Allow the Yang-Mian family system to guide you,
unveiling the hidden depths of your inner power. Let the flowing movements become your ally,
as you tap into the boundless potential that resides within. Join the ranks of those who have mastered the art of Yang Mian Gong Fu, and witness the extraordinary transformation that awaits. The journey begins now, and the path is yours to tread.


Christian Kunz is a certified teacher in the Yang Mian System and inner student of Master Zhen Hua Yang




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