Freestyle is the basic step towards the development of reflex mind.
Before being able achieve reflex mind the practitioner needs to understand how to drive their body, arms, hands and legs. This also includes the internal organs and Dan Tian (Action Mind) as the driving force. Yang Mian’s freestyle method teaches how to move without stopping.


As the feeling of ‘not stopping’ begins, the practitioner starts to set up cell’s memory through a connection to the Dan Tian. This means that Qi (accumulated at the Dan Tian) is starting to circulate through the body’s movements. Once the practitioner has linked together continued, unbroken movement, the Dan Tian and Qi circulation then Fa-jing can be applied to any movement, or action, instantly. This includes the application, and synergising, of fa-jing in the calligraphy elbow system, calligraphy grappling, steel body and hand.


Freestyle can be observed and performed as a ‘moving meditation’.
It is also directly linked to the health and vitality of the human body. This is facilitated by commanding the three base circulations
of the body; blood circulation (Qi), mental circulation
(non-stopping) and digestive circulation (internal organs).




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