Move gently and powerfully like water!


On the level of body, mind, soul and consciousness, with methods that are thousands of years old and serve health and longevity.

health and longevity, we keep our energy system going through energy work.

Strengthening ligaments, muscles and bones... deep transformations in our DNA.


Using principles from Taoist, Buddhist and Slavic traditions,

we learn to train our minds, strengthen our bodies and send healing frequencies to our bodies that lead us to a long and pain-free life.


Martial Art

As with health, the qualities are also contained in the martial arts.


Here, one learns the actual benefits of the art through certain methods and principles.

In which it is not about the actual fight, but the art consists of preventing the conflict and not letting it arise in the first place.


We bring body, mind, soul and consciousness into harmony and learn to lead the inner balance and the flowing-explosive power on a healthy path.


Especially for men, the path of martial arts is a good entry point here, which can lead to the "conscious" spiritual path.


Overcoming limits on a physical and mental level, learning targeted concentration and expanding

and expansion of consciousness in a natural way.

Sport & Fitness

Here we combine external training and internal training.


The limits are not those of the body, but those of the mind that we will overcome.

With the methods and principles here it is possible to overcome physical limits and increase our performance to another.

This happens in a natural way in which matter adapts to energy.


Especially for professional and competitive athletes, here we have possibilities to take their development and growth to an even higher level than it was possible before.




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