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The word “Qi” means internal life force. The word “Gong” means effort over an amount of time. Qi has two areas;


Yuan Qi (innate Qi) – you are born with this and it is internal. This is passed on to you from your parents at conception.

Wei Qi (external Qi) – Qi existing in the natural external world, universe and elements.

So, when we practice Qi Gong we are using Wei Qi to develop Yuan Qi. This, as the word “Gong” describes, is done over a period of time and is effort based. In other words, the more you practice the better the result you get. Moreover, as your practice advances your body is affected at a cellular level, actually changing the DNA blueprint and creating the environment for what Calligraphy Health terms “cell’s memory”. By combining this cells memory with correct breathing the body will start to move automatically. Combine that automatic movement with a thought from the brain and we can start to control circulation through the body. The highest level of Qi Gong is to actually control the cells in the body through thinking.


The human body also has an area in which it can store Qi. This energy stock is known, in Chinese terminology, as the Dan Tian or in English, as the action mind. When you are storing Qi, you are actually developing Yuan Qi in your body to be used at any time you wish for your life. However, upon death this Qi goes back to nature as it was only ever borrowed.


Qi Gong has two different ways of being displayed;


Externally as:
Explosive power (Fa-jing) – this is for sports or martial arts. This can be utilised for any movement or action where power is needed.

A magnetic signal, electricity or heat – this can be used by healing practitioners such as acupuncturists or massage therapists. Anyone who uses contact for healing. This energy will give your treatments a major improvement.



This is Qi being used to improve blood circulation, to help deal with stress or illness, to open blockages in the body and for self-healing. If you have any ligament or tendon problems, Qi can be used to help heal these. Qi can be used to deal with headaches and high blood pressure. Quite simply, at a good level Qi Gong creates a healthy environment where disease can no longer survive.

When training Calligraphy Health Qi Gong, we have three main steps in its development;


  1. Receive energy – Receive energy is the primary method for taking Wei Qi into the body. This is done through specific points in your anatomy and is drawn into the body, through the combination of breathing and movement. This “drawing in” utilises circulation through the body, clearing blockages and carving the pathway to health. This improves blood quality, immune function and the internal organs.
  2. Project energy – Projecting energy is the method for pushing Wei Qi (or Yuan Qi) out of the body. Again, this is done through different points in your anatomy, for example the fingers, hands, elbows, feet, even the head. This method can be used for occupations such as acupuncturists, massage therapists, physiotherapists and chiropractors, as well is a range of other remedial techniques. Projecting energy is used in a sensitive way to feel blockages, pain, even emotions in clients or patients to prepare for the healing process.
  3. Healing energy– Healing energy is the process of projecting energy, either through a magnetic signal, heat, or electricity to connect, and transmitto another person’s body cells. Thisexternal signal is used to improve the recipient’s blood circulation and/or immune system, by forcing open blockages, stagnation or “inactivity points” in the patient’s vessels. It must be recognised that the patient receiving this energy must be open to the idea of this treatment; otherwise their cells will go against your projected energy and intent.
    Before you can reach this healing energy level, you must first have the ability to receive and project energy.
    The last pre-requisite, for this ability to heal, lies within your own heart. For without compassion, and an unconditional love of people and your job, this system of healing we are describing will not work.

These three methods of receiving energy, projecting energy and healing are especially effective for health therapists wishing to maximise the effectiveness of their treatments. We highly recommend the practice of Qi Gong for those people using contact for healing. We also highly recommend Qi Gong for those people in the corporate world as it facilitates excellent circulation,
and self-healing capabilities.



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