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Seniors Program and Meridiane Training System


As the human body starts to age it starts to crash in on itself. Problems that were never noticed before or never existed are suddenly becoming big players. Arthritis, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor mobility and limb function, impaired brain function, heart palpitations and irregular heart rhythms are just some of the problems facing seniors today.


At Calligraphy Health we believe that all of these problems, plus many others, are based around three circulations in the human body. By improving these circulations, Calligraphy Health can dramatically improve the overall health and well-being of 60+ seniors. We do not rely on any external equipment at Calligraphy Health instead we rely on the body and its own momentum to generate easy, gentle movements. When starting the training, there must be a suspension of disbelief for our system to have its maximum impact on your body’s systems. That said we invite you to present for a medical check after three months of our training, for an evaluation. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised.


So, our main areas of focus for 60+ seniors are;


  1. Balance. We improve your balance to reduce the chances of a fall, making it harder for this to happen. As you start to age the bones become brittle and a major fall can have major implications. Through our training your body will become more sensitive, to being unbalanced, which means there is a greater chance of regaining it if you suddenly trip or slip.
  2. Pain. The pain associated with joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues can be released through the three-dimensional movements of our specialised system. Our training focuses on the spine and intervertebral discs, as well as the hips, neck, knees and shoulders.
    As you get older you are joints tend to become “dry”, with a decrease in synovial fluid. Our movements improve the circulation to the joints enhancing mobility and function whilst minimising pain.
  3. Breathing Patterns. In order to prolong your life it is of the utmost importance that your breathing pattern is correct. This is directly related to oxygen intake and blood cell support. It is also integral to the proper functioning of the body’s chemistry. This is fundamental, and paramount, to a long, healthy life. We can go 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water but only 3 minutes without oxygen. This is often forgotten in health.
  4. Blood Quality and Circulation. This area is directly linked to organ function and covers problems such as high blood pressure, heart palpitations, heart and renal ailments, memory loss and impaired lung function. The improvement of circulation and blood quality improves;
    Immune Function. When disease comes to you it is like a battle. Calligraphy health prepares your body for this war.
    Delivery of oxygen and nutrients. We strengthen blood cell chemistry and then make sure it reaches into every corner of your anatomy. This improves function, mobility and vitality.
  5. Digestive Circulation. As the body ages digestive function start to diminish. It becomes much easier to be constipated and lose regularity. This can be dangerous as toxins become caught in the bowel, leaching into the body (particularly the liver, spleen and kidneys) causing illness and toxicity. Moreover, this directly impacts on the quality of your blood and weakens your body of its vitality. Calligraphy Health specialises in the teaching and moving of internal organs, improving the elasticity and function of the stomach, intestines and bowel.



Meridian Training System


The Meridian Training System was developed by following the 12 basic meridians of the human body. These meridians are based on the Chinese acupuncture medical system. Meridian training, as developed by Calligraphy Health, has been specially designed for senior people. The movements are both easy and gentle, and are based around your own level of comfort and control.


The system is quite simple and based around a 4-3-2-1 style of programming.

  1. Four stretches. These four stretches combined with your breathing help to open up and release the tendons and ligaments through the whole body.
  2. Three body points. These three acupressure points are the heart, the head and the legs (this includes the hips, knees and ankles).
  3. Two legs. This is one exercise incorporating the legs, coupled with the breath, to work the leg muscles and internal organs from under the ribs, down.
  4. One breathing exercise. This simple breathing exercise can help your body’s organs to last longer. Known in Chinese as Dantian breathing (or in western methods as diaphragmatic breathing), this style of breathing improves oxygen transfer throughout the body, assisting in healing, and servicing internal organs, increasing their life span.


This program is not generic but can be tailored to suit an individual’s needs. This means each individual step in the program can be adjusted for each person. Calligraphy Health does not teach a “one size fits all” method. It is excellent for improving heart function, asthma, high blood pressure, sleeping problems and digestive problems just to name a few. Through proper, regular training results can be seen within 4 to 8 weeks. These results can be medically measured. Over time this training helps you to get in contact with your body, giving you a sense of power and control over your health.



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