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 Steel Body

The Yang Mian system specialises in what it terms as ‘steel body’. This is an automatic, pressurised response to external contact. This pressurisation is internal and much the same as a basketball; rubbery and resilient. This internal pressure, combined with Qi, creates internal force which can be manifested externally and controlled by a practitioner. In the beginning of training, the combined Qi/air pressure is brought under conscious control so that it can be instantly increased or decreased at will. In advanced levels Steel Body is autonomous, exploding out independently of conscious thought. One moment the body can be relaxed and pliant to touch and then instantly transformed to a resilient form of armour. Steel body can suddenly explode like an air bag in a car, increasing its surface area with great power and speed.


There is no damage to the student’s own body during training. Each step follows a natural progression to which the body quickly adapts.


For martial arts, Yang Mian has three areas for Steel Body;


  • Health – Steel body can be used in this way to open up blockages in the body’s tissues, vessels and meridians. This is due to the vibration involved on impact. These ‘vibrations’ stimulate the contact area, improving blood circulation. This is done gently, and is more like tapping or ‘light drumming’. This style of training can be done alone or with a partner.

  • Striking and tackling – this training is broken up into two areas;

  1. Receiving an impact. We teach the practitioner to pressurise in a way that allows them to receive blows and strikes from an opponent.

  2. Making an impact. This is the next level where we teach the practitioner to transfer internal force and energy into an opponent, from a body strike.

  • 3D Reflex Steel Body – this is utilising internal pressure, as an automatic response, in any direction or position you wish. This level of steel body is very high, combining many areas of Yang Mian training including base power, link, power transfer, the
    Dan Tian and cell’s memory. Once you have reached this area you can link it to the Calligraphy Elbow and Calligraphy Grappling systems creating a complete attack response.



Steel Hand


Steel hand training develops the hands, fingers, wrists and arms so they can deliver devastating blows without injury. Yang Mian Steel Hand training differs from other systems in the way its skill is developed and delivered.


Firstly, steel hand is developed in a ‘living way’. By this, we mean that the structural integrity of the hand is retained. There are no calluses, bone deformities, or nerve damage as a result of this training. In fact, the skin on the hands looks fresh and youthful. Moreover, the abilities of the hands are greatly enhanced, increasing your ability to receive and project energy. This lends itself to use not only by martial artists, but also by health practitioners who are using their hands e.g. acupuncturists and massage therapists. Steel hand is supported by the circulation of Qi and blood through the arms and hands and is developed through cell’s memory. Once you have this skill, it stays with you for the rest of your life.


Steel hand has four levels;







Reflex Steel Hand

This level requires reflex mind and sensitivity for real-life application.


Steel Forearm


Steel Forearm


This training is based on the ideology of converting the arms to clubs. Through special methods, Yang Mian can change the physiology of the forearms to become powerful and resilient to blows. In fact, the forearms can be built to a very high level with the ability to break river rocks. This skill is extremely useful in combat applications, for it is the same as wielding two iron bars.


With regular training, and depending upon your physiology, this skill can reach a very good level within 10 months.


More ‘Steel’ Applications


The Yang Mian system can develop other areas of the human body using ‘steel’ skill. The areas included are:


Steel Head

Steel Elbow

Steel Leg

Steel Finger




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