Steel Body

The Ultimate Fusion of Strength and Flexibility


Embark on an extraordinary journey into the realm of Steel Body from Flowing Principles (Yang Mian System)

where resilience surpasses even the legendary Golden Bell. Discover a remarkable technique that transforms your body

into an impervious shield, making it resistant to strikes while unlocking its potential as a formidable weapon.

Steel Body is not merely a concept; it's a powerful training method that endures a lifetime!


Steel Body is an exceptional technique that transforms your body into an perfect shield.

It empowers you to withstand punches, kicks, and strikes while enabling you to retaliate with unparalleled force.

Every inch of your body becomes a formidable combat weapon, ready to defend and counter with utmost precision.

Once mastered, the technique becomes an indelible part of your martial prowess, a lifelong companion in your quest for excellence.


The Fusion of Power and Flexibility:

Steel Body combines the robustness of steel with the fluidity of water, surpassing the limitations of traditional iron shirt training. Unlike rigid forms, Steel Body embraces flexibility, absorbing powerful impacts effortlessly

and redirecting them back with unfathomable strength.

Just as steel surpasses iron in durability, Steel Body transcends previous techniques,

offering an unprecedented level of adaptability and resilience.


A Weapon Within:

Steel Body elevates your martial arts repertoire, enabling you to transcend conventional techniques

and launch attacks that confound your opponents. Strikes become imbued with an invisible power,

impervious to defense by limbs alone. Each physical contact turns into a dangerous encounter,

catching adversaries off-guard with the unfamiliarity of Steel Body's technique.


Mastering the Unseen:

Steel Body is an art that cannot be learned through textbooks alone.

It requires guidance from a proficient instructor who has mastered the technique to perfection.

While the intricacies of Steel Body are best experienced firsthand,

the underlying principles can be explained to provide an introduction to this extraordinary discipline.

The "blood-oxygen theory" unveils the physiological changes that occur during Steel Body training,

revealing the integration of strong, flexible muscle membranes and controlled internal forces.


Flowing Qi Gong:

Within the Yang Mian System, Steel Body emerges as a manifestation of "flowing Qi Gong."

It transcends physical strength, fostering an increased flow of Qi and the build-up of internal air pressure.

Like a gentle breeze transforming into a powerful force, your body seamlessly transitions from relaxation

to resilient defense or explosive attack.


Becoming the Steel Body:

With diligent practice, the methods of muscle control gradually become instinctive,

empowering you to unleash the Steel Body reflex naturally. As the mind and body forge an unbreakable connection,

muscle control becomes second nature. The journey unfolds organically and energetically,

allowing your body to adapt to each level of training effortlessly.


Unleash the Weapon Within:

At an advanced level, Steel Body becomes an unstoppable weapon.

By combining muscle and body pressure control, you harness the power of internal pressure in all directions.

Each strike is akin to inflating an airbag, delivering devastating force upon contact.

As you reach this pinnacle of training, your inner power is unleashed instantly, leaving opponents in awe of your prowess.

Steel Body:

Beyond Martial Arts: The benefits of Steel Body extend beyond martial arts, captivating athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.

Ice hockey, soccer, handball, American football, and more will appreciate the protective advantage it provides in contact sports.

Unlike a brick wall, which remains unresponsive, an advanced Steel Body practitioner redirects energy back with intensified force.

This unique advantage allows you to engage in combat without suffering harm.


Please note that Steel Body training is recommended for individuals aged 18 to 50.

Minors are still developing and may be sensitive to the intense impacts during training.

Individuals over 50 may find the generated internal pressure too intense.

However, for those within the recommended age range, there is no risk in pursuing this extraordinary path.




Unleash your potential, embody the fusion of strength and flexibility, and embark on a transformative journey with Steel Body.

Master the extraordinary art of Flowing Principles and transcend the boundaries of martial arts.

Become the embodiment of invincibility as you forge a body that is flexible as water and strong as steel.


Steel Hand & Steel Forearm


 Are you ready to take your martial arts journey to new heights?

Brace yourself for the awe-inspiring world of Yang Mian and the remarkable Steel Hand & Forearm training.

This unique system will develop your hands, fingers, wrists, and arms in ways that allow you

to deliver devastating strikes without causing harm to yourself.

Get ready to witness the extraordinary power and speed that will leave your opponents in awe.


Imagine the ability to shatter bricks, break through solid objects, and unleash unparalleled force with your bare hands.

Yang Mian practitioners possess an exceptional skill set that goes beyond the ordinary.

It takes true mastery to break a river stone using just the tips of two seemingly ordinary fingers.


What sets Yang Mian apart is the way power is executed. Instead of relying on sheer muscle strength,

the Steel Hand technique utilizes relaxed arms combined with lightning-fast whip-like strikes.

It's like your arms become elastic, capable of absorbing and redirecting impact effortlessly.

The secret lies in the synergy of two internal forces: the spring force and the centrifugal force.

These forces, when harnessed correctly, create an exponential effect,

propelling your strikes with incredible speed and power.


As you dive deeper into the Steel Hand training, you'll discover the fascinating world of internal energy cultivation.

Through targeted exercises, you'll unlock the potential within, flooding your system with oxygen,

enhancing endurance, and promoting overall health. This internal foundation sets Yang Mian apart from

other hand-training methods, offering a holistic approach to martial arts development.


But Steel Hand is not just about physical strength; it requires discipline and mental fortitude.

The training demands commitment, perseverance, and a strong character.

It's not for the faint of heart but for those who seek depth and substance in their martial arts journey.

With dedication and effort, you will achieve your goals and unlock the true power of Steel Hand.


At Yang Mian, we value inclusivity and welcome practitioners of all genders.

Moreover, there is no age limit upwards when it comes to Steel Hand.

The basic training can be utilized for self-healing, strengthening bones,

and preventing conditions like osteoporosis.


One of the greatest advantages of Yang Mian's Steel Hand technique is its versatility.

You don't have to give up your current martial arts style or loyalty to your teacher or school.

Steel Hand seamlessly integrates into any martial arts system,

complementing your existing training and enhancing your skills.


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will redefine your martial arts practice?

Join us in unlocking the extraordinary power of Steel Hand. Let the world marvel at your precision, speed, and strength.

Embrace the artistry and sheer force that Yang Mian offers.

Your hands are capable of greatness – it's time to unleash their full potential.




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