Calligraphy Grappling

Calligraphy Grappling was developed through three philosophies;


  1. Unbroken, three-dimensional Chinese Calligraphy (continued, unbroken writing).
  2. The dynamics of an eel in the water; wrapping itself around any joint in the human body, breaking it subconsciously with explosive Fa-jing.
  3. Sensitivity or “Ting-jing” feeling. This is reaching into the realm of pre-cognition and is the type of sensitivity that does not require eyesight.

This system is powered by Dan Tian Fa-jing and moulds to the movement or body position of the opponent, with the ability to change direction automatically to match. This is why sensitivity is such a necessary component of Calligraphy Grappling.


Calligraphy Grappling does not rely on physical strength instead it is a combination of Dan Tian/Fa-jing, together with strength. This Fa-jing power is what makes Calligraphy Grappling so devastating. Joints, ligaments and tendons are broken, snapped, or even removed in a three-dimensional spiral that leaves permanent, life-long damage. Because this system is based on Master Yang’s principal point, it links to his other areas of elbows, steel body and reflex mind.


The nature of this training is so serious that it remains completely at the discretion of Master Zhen Hua Yang.



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